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vladimir putin

Putin's big plans to become Russia's president for life are no sure thing

The coronavirus and climate change might create a Russia that Putin isn't able to or interested in running, writes Candace Rondeaux.
India China border Kashmir

China and India are flexing their military muscle near a disputed border region

Chinese forces have held live-fire drills in Tibet while India has deployed battle tanks close to the conflict zone.

5 of the most accurate military portrayals on the big screen

Hollywood portrayals of the military often miss the mark, but that makes the accurate depictions stand out all the more.

Military leaders are standing up to Trump, and that's not necessarily a good sign

It's a type of political reassurance that is normally only needed in countries whose commitment to democracy is questionable, writes Frida Ghitis.

After deadly border clash with China, India wants Russia to hurry up and deliver its S-400 air-defense system

China already has the Russian-made S-400 in its arsenal, and after a bloody border brawl, India wants to get its hands on the system it ordered.

5 facts about the Korean War, a war still technically being fought 70 years later

North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea on June 25, 1950, starting the Korean War, the first armed conflict of the Cold War.

F-35s told not to fly near thunderstorms over fears a lightning strike could make the jet explode

It's not the first time the F-35 has had problems with its fuel system that could potentially lead to explosions.

How Air Force maintainers keep the F-22 cockpit from falling apart

The F-22 Raptor is one of the world's most sophisticated aircraft. But as advanced as it is, it's not immune to corrosion.

How a small vacation hub on Mexico's Pacific coast became the country's most violent state

Once an idyllic vacation destination, Colima has seen mounting bloodshed, including brazen public killings of government officials.

Inside the 'silent service': An interview with the Navy's top submarine admiral

"No undersea force, past or present, can match today's US submarine force," Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle says.

A key nuclear-weapons treaty may not survive 'the most hostile and dangerous US-Russian relations in decades'

The US probably won't withdraw but "letting the agreement expire...is a real danger," Harvard professor and nuclear weapons expert Matthew Bunn says.

The US's latest move to oust Assad from Syria may only help him dig in further

Opinion: By destroying legitimate commerce and immiserating the middle class, sanctions undermine the institutions a functioning society needs.

The Air Force is finally getting its first new pistol in 35 years

The Air Force bought 125,000 M18s pistols to replace the M9 sidearms that airman have used since 1985.

Trump's latest treaty withdrawal shows how the US is losing its imagination for dealing with global problems

"Our current lack of imagination is so unlike the spirit of possibility we had then," writes Bonnie Jenkins, a member of the US delegation that negotiated the Open Skies Treaty.

Can you spread the coronavirus if you don't know you have it? 5 things to know about asymptomatic COVID-19

There's growing evidence that COVID-19 is being spread by people who have it but don't show symptoms.

Here are the first photos of the F-35A dropping inert nuclear bombs during testing

The F-35A will be a dual-capable aircraft, meaning it will have the ability to deliver nuclear ordnance as well as conventional weapons.

Airmen in Alaska put together the first bombs for the base's new F-35 fighters

The base started receiving its F-35s earlier this year, and the munitions are what prepare the stealth fighters for combat operations.

The Army's 75th Ranger Regiment just activated its newest unit

The new unit will specialize in cyber and electronic warfare, intelligence gathering and analysis, and operate remotely piloted aircraft.

The Air Force is practicing to rapidly rearm and refuel F-15 fighter jets again

Air Force crews in Saudi Arabia have been practicing integrated combat turns in order to get F-15s back in the air faster.

How the Saudis, the Qataris, and the Emiratis took over Washington

A years-long lobbying campaign, revealed in Foreign Agents Registration Act documents, affected US policy across the Middle East.

5 more common movie mistakes that veterans can spot right away

The military is its own world, and when Hollywood tries to depict it, troops and veterans can usually spot the flaws right away.

China is ramping up plans to use private-sector help to modernize its military — a policy that already has the US worried

The initiative has raised concerns in Washington that the program will funnel US innovations to China.

Why North Korea blew up 2 years of historic progress with South Korea

North Korea detonated two years of diplomatic progress with its neighbor to the south, setting the stage for what are likely to be more provocations.

How the US military helped create the Juneteenth holiday

Union troops reached Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865 — exactly three years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

5 enduring myths about the military debunked

The military, like every community, has its share of myths that live on even after being disproven.

Hackers tied to North Korea used LinkedIn to break into European defense firms by offering employees fake jobs

Researchers were unable to determine the identity of the hackers but said the attacks had some links to a North Korean group known as Lazarus.

US Special Operations Command is getting a new dune buggy

US Special Operations Command has awarded a contract worth up to $109 million for a new light tactical all-terrain vehicle.

Chinese soldiers conduct live-fire drills in Tibet as border tensions with India turn deadly

The exercise involved artillery, missiles, aviation, electronic warfare, engineering, and special forces, and live-fire drills with tanks and drones.

Covid-19 is far more lethal than organized crime in Mexico

Between mid-March and mid-June, more people in Mexico died of coronavirus than were killed in homicides, according to government data.

Video gives Russian pilot's eye view of intercepting B-52 and other NATO aircraft over the Baltic Sea

The B-52 flew neat Kaliningrad, from where the Russian Su-27 fighters scrambled to get a visual identification of the bombers.

What a new cold war with China means for you

A quick look at the first Cold War shows that we'll all pay a price for intensifying hostility toward China, even if it doesn't lead to war.

A woman is about to make history as the first to graduate Army Special Forces training

Woman have made inroads with US special-operations units, but the culture within those units is still adapting to their arrival.

4 ways drug dealers are getting around coronavirus restrictions

With the added challenge of avoiding law enforcement, dealers across Latin America have found creative ways to sell their wares.

Deadly border clashes could have major consequences for China and India

The encounter could presage tactical and strategic escalation with major potential diplomatic, economic and political consequences for the two giants.

Guard shoots and kills intruder at an Alaska installation where Navy SEAL students train

A Naval Special Warfare service member shot and killed an armed man who tried to enter a building at a Kodiak, Alaska, military base on Saturday.

'You meet with El Chapo's mother but not with us': Mexicans confront president over thousands of missing persons

The government estimates there are 61,000 missing people in Mexico, the vast majority of them victims of the increasingly violent war with drug gangs.

Caught in the American 'battlespace,' the US military is reckoning with racism and politicization

The US has to reckon with whether and how the military will be involved in domestic political contests and debates in the years to come.

US prosecutors say a top Navy supplier provided subpar steel for submarine for decades

The government hasn't said which Navy submarines were affected, but the falsified results date back to 1990.

A convicted drug lord nicknamed 'La Barbie' linked a former Mexican president to drug cartels

Declassified documents show that a cartel enforcer called "La Barbie" was an agent for US authorities while trafficking drugs.

The long, long history of one of the A-10 Warthog's most iconic features

The A-10's shark mouth is a distinctive feature, but the design dates back much further than the 1970s-era ground-attack aircraft.

The difference between Chinese and US response to coronavirus could give China an edge in a future Cold War

China's focus on winning hearts and minds — like the US did in its Cold War with the Soviet Union — will likely prove to be the superior strategy.

When police use Tasers, Black Americans die in disproportionate numbers

In 1,081 cases where people died after being shocked by police with a Taser, at least 32% were Black, though they are only 14% of the US population.

10 much better names for the Army bases honoring Confederate generals

The US Army has 10 bases named for Confederate generals spread throughout the former Confederacy. If they are renamed, what will they be called?

China is boosting its nuclear arsenal as the world's stockpile shrinks

China is one of the six countries that increased its nuclear arsenal in the past year, adding 30 warheads since a 2019 tally.

Covid-19 and the collapse of oil prices mean Saudi Arabia will have to rethink its military priorities

Falling oil prices and the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic mean Saudi Arabia will have to balance between security and austerity.

Trump could order US troops to occupy US cities, but those troops could still say no

US troops could refuse to follow orders from the commander-in-chief if they believed those orders were contrary to their oath to the Constitution.

A history of the FN FAL, the world's most successful battle rifle

Though it has fallen out of use in recent years, "The Right Arm of the Free World" answered the call during the uncertain days of the Cold War.

Why Mexico's powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel isn't as dominant as it seems

In Mexico's complex and fragmented criminal underworld, the CJNG is just one of many groups fighting for power.

The Navy has 3 carriers in the Pacific for the first time in years, and it's being seen as a warning to China

The Pentagon has been shifting more resources and military assets to the region to counter Beijing's growing economic influence and military might.
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