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BI Prime Media 2020-05-28T14:15:00Z

YouTube star LaurDIY is hosting a new HBO Max series. She shares how she built her business empire from search to merch to streaming TV.

Lauren Riihimaki shared her journey on YouTube, which started during her first year of college, and how she's expanded her digital brand.
BI Prime Strategy 2020-05-28T14:10:15Z
Katie Hotze

3 entrepreneurs used their unemployment benefits and severance pay to start businesses — here's how they smartly invested their cash

Katie Hotze used her severance pay to launch recipe technology startup Grocery Shopii in 2018, now at an over $4 million valuation.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-28T14:08:31Z
chad hurley steve chen youtube cofounders

Take a look at the history-making pitch deck YouTube used to secure its first $11.5 million from Sequoia Capital in 2005, and the investor memo that convinced the firm of the platform's potential

Sequoia's investment in YouTube paid off: When YouTube sold to Google in 2006, the VC firm netted nearly $500 million.
BI Prime Strategy 2020-05-28T13:56:00Z

The next stimulus plan could include more checks for Americans. Here's what else DC power players want to cram into the bill — and who would benefit most.

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats passed a $3 trillion bill including checks of up to $6,000, but Republicans disagree with its unemployment bonus.
BI Prime Healthcare 2020-05-28T13:50:00Z

Gilead built a $90 billion biotech colossus by treating viruses like HIV and hepatitis C. Now, the drugmaker is leading the coronavirus fight with the first effective treatment.

Gilead Sciences has spent the past three decades working on antiviral treatments for diseases like HIV, hepatitis C, and now the coronavirus.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-28T13:23:00Z

How Dave Clark, the mastermind behind Amazon's coronavirus response, became one of the most powerful executives in America

You might not have heard of Dave Clark. But his wide-ranging responsibilities at Amazon make him one of the most influential people in corporate America.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-28T13:22:00Z

An inside look at HBO Max's product experience and how WarnerMedia is taking a different approach than Netflix to keep viewers coming back

At launch, the HBO Max experience will be deceptively simple, but designed to be built on over time.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-28T13:02:00Z

Eminem has joined an invite-only startup that's betting texting between celebs and fans will become a big business

The music artist Eminem joined the text-marketing app Community this week, announcing to fans that they can text him at 313-666-7440.
BI Prime Executive Lifestyle 2020-05-28T13:00:00Z

San Francisco's housing market isn't recovering as fast as its suburbs — and it shows how remote work is already reshaping real estate

A report by Redfin found real estate in Oakland and other markets outside San Francisco is recovering quicker than real estate in the city.
BI Prime Strategy 2020-05-28T13:00:00Z

Goldman Sachs sees the coronavirus fast-forwarding the office into 'Enterprise 4.0.' Here are the 4 major themes of the future of work.

Goldman Sachs has released a 106-page report characterizing what it calls "Enterprise 4.0," the new model of work for white-collar employees.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-28T13:00:00Z

Stork Club's CEO raised $2.7 million in seed funding, after stumbling on a major gap in the healthcare insurance market and devising a plan to save employers millions

A total of $129 billion in maternity healthcare costs is currently hitting companies, according to Stork Club CEO Jeni Mayorskaya.
BI Prime Enterprise 2020-05-28T13:00:00Z

This founder sold a company to Microsoft at 15, worked for the CIA at 19, and just raised $90 million for a fast-growing startup that writes its customers a check if they lose their battles with hackers

Coalition founder Joshua Motta's past as a Microsoft "Boy Wonder" and CIA analyst at 19 prepared him to help small companies fight off hackers.
BI Prime Healthcare 2020-05-28T12:48:00Z

How 8 primary-care companies are building a new future for medicine during the coronavirus pandemic

Primary care startups that have been looking to shake up how Americans go to the doctor are moving online in the midst of the pandemic.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-28T12:36:45Z

Check out the pitch deck children's language learning startup MyBuddy.ai used to raise $1 million in funding

The online language learning market is set to be worth more than $5 billion worldwide by 2024.
BI Prime Finance 2020-05-28T12:30:00Z

There's never been a better time for banks to buy fintechs, according to a Capital One cofounder. Here's why both sides need each other more than ever.

Nigel Morris, who cofounded Capital One and spent 10 years as its president and chief operating officer, explained why the two sides need each other.
BI Prime Finance 2020-05-28T12:30:00Z

Investors are flying blind during the pandemic when it comes to valuing private shares — and it could be what finally makes unicorn profitability a must-have

Investors typically rely on company projections and disclosures to estimate valuations, but the pandemic has disrupted forecasts and delayed filings.
BI Prime Markets 2020-05-28T12:16:00Z

David Herro was the world's best international stock-picker for a decade straight. He breaks down 8 stocks he bet on after the coronavirus decimated markets — and 3 he sold.

David Herro's unexpected stock picks won him acclaim in the past. After the market crash, the hunt for new opportunities had him busier than ever.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-28T12:15:00Z

The next-gen leaders of enterprise venture capital think software is going to look much different post-pandemic. Here are their predictions for what's ahead

With more companies embracing remote work even after the crisis ends, a new class of startups will emerge to bring the office experience online.
BI Prime Markets 2020-05-28T12:11:00Z

A part-time real-estate investor quit his traditional job 5 years after snagging his first deal. He shares his no-hassle strategy that's allowed him to travel the world with his 6 kids.

"At the time, I was a real-estate newbie — I didn't really know anything," said Erik Schauman in an exclusive interview with Business Insider.
BI Prime BI Prime 2020-05-28T12:00:00Z

Today at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT): Starting Up | Splice cofounder Steve Martocci

Starting Up is an interview series that asks the founders of the hottest startups how they launched your favorite brands!
BI Prime Finance 2020-05-28T11:29:00Z

IBM is ditching a big WeWork office it has been renting in NYC — showing risks for the flex-space model as the pandemic prompts big companies to rethink real-estate needs

WeWork had heralded IBM's lease at 88 University Place as an important shift in its business from startups to Fortune 500 firms. Now IBM is exiting.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-28T09:34:43Z

We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck analytics startup Decibel used to raise $40 million

"Once companies get over the initial shock [of coronavirus] and release their budgets they need to see improvements in how they get lifetime value from customers."
BI Prime Strategy 2020-05-28T08:29:35Z

These are 10 European startups born out of the COVID-19 pandemic

Everything from food delivery services to entrepreneurship lessons for kids is launching virtually.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-28T01:45:31Z

Trump is unleashing an executive order against social media companies, and it could trigger a legal fight they desperately want to avoid

Conservatives have claimed for years that they are being deliberately censored by social media companies — and now Trump is promising to take action.
BI Prime Finance 2020-05-28T01:10:53Z

WeWork is set to vote on adding 2 new independent board members after big investors suing SoftBank unsuccessfully tried to stop it

Two of WeWork's board members are fighting moves to install a pair of directors who they say could decide the fate of a lawsuit against SoftBank.
BI Prime Politics 2020-05-27T22:10:58Z

What went down in the tense 5 days before Trump sidelined one of his campaign's most senior officials

A top Trump adviser executed a DC-style coup by installing Bill Stepien as the new de facto campaign manager. But Brad Parscale will keep his title.
BI Prime BI Prime 2020-05-27T21:58:31Z

The Trump campaign's new chief of staff was arrested on campaign finance charges in 2016 after cops busted her boyfriend for cocaine and found incriminating texts on his phone

Stephanie Alexander, the Trump campaign's new chief of staff, faced campaign finance charges in Oklahoma in 2016. The charges have been dropped.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-27T21:27:55Z
BI Prime Enterprise 2020-05-27T21:12:45Z

Salesforce is teaming up with Workday on its new tools for reopening businesses safely, as it increasingly invests in an entirely new business

Salesforce is expanding its resources to help organizations reopen safely via new integrations with Workday's employee management tools.
BI Prime Retail 2020-05-27T21:12:00Z

Makeup sales were down 22% during the first quarter, but Urban Decay founder predicts a boon in brow, mascara, and liner, "as we peer at each other from behind our masks"

Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir says the recession sparked by the pandemic will rejuvenate cosmetics sales, citing the "Lipstick Index."
BI Prime Finance 2020-05-27T20:37:00Z

Robots, remote hires, and insourcing: A top UBS exec lays out how the Swiss bank is tackling the future of work

UBS's COO gives her outlook for the bank's use of robots; insourcing; remote hiring; its real-estate footprint; and business-continuity sites.
BI Prime Transportation 2020-05-27T20:00:52Z

Amazon's reported interest in buying the self-driving car startup Zoox would help the retail giant tighten its grip on its delivery network, an industry expert says

Using autonomous vehicles to make deliveries would save Amazon money and simplify its supply chain, said Cambridge Capital founder Benjamin Gordon.
BI Prime Retail 2020-05-27T19:56:00Z

How DTC brands can survive and thrive in the downturn, according to a millionaire founder who's launched 3 of his own successful DTC brands

Entrepreneur Kevin Gould recently shared his top tips for how brands can survive a downturn, from preserving cash flow to cutting costs.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-27T19:53:07Z

Jeff Bezos revealed the one question he always asks himself before setting Amazon's vision for the next 10 years

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the one question you have to ask yourself when thinking about the next 10 years is: "What won't change?"
BI Prime Retail 2020-05-27T19:39:00Z

Retailers are calling curbside pickup a pandemic era success, and it's a sign they won't abandon brick-and-mortar stores anytime soon

A recent analysis estimated that curbside pickup could be a $35 billion market by the end of 2020.
BI Prime Retail 2020-05-27T19:36:00Z

The CEO of Retro Fitness makes his case for why all gyms should be 'immediately opened,' as he warns of 'a self-imposed financial crisis'

"This is not a bum rush. I believe that gyms are actually in a far better position to provide health and safety than restaurants, bars, and retail."
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-27T19:11:11Z

A French startup just raised $65 million in the middle of the coronavirus crisis for its cloud-based phone system. Here's the pitch deck it used.

Aircall was trying to raise new capital when governments around the globe started shutting down their economies. It was successful anyway.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-27T19:07:00Z

4 real media kit examples that influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok use to get brand sponsorships

Business Insider spoke to 4 influencers on social media who shared the exact media kits they use to land sponsorships, which include rates.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-27T18:51:00Z

Instacart is gearing up to compete with Walmart and Amazon's advertising business as online grocery shopping soars

The grocery startup has rolled out a new self-serve advertising-buying tool for brands and agencies.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-27T18:43:15Z

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told shareholders that his leadership team has done a 'remarkable' job during COVID-19: 'I'm proud of what we've done.'

Despite the public criticism and employee protests, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says his leadership team has done a "remarkable" job during COVID-19.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-27T18:40:00Z

'Venture is going to be the best performing asset class': The manager of UChicago's $1.1 billion private equity portfolio explains why she's bullish on venture capital even as startups stumble

A manager from the University of Chicago's endowment explains why she expects venture capital to perform best in the downturn.
BI Prime Advertising 2020-05-27T18:37:00Z

Inside Hill + Knowlton's struggle to turn around the fading PR giant and a look at its strategy

The firm had cut billing rates, changed its business strategy, and restructured, but the pandemic's impact led it to lay off staff.
BI Prime Media 2020-05-27T18:15:00Z

Meet the 20 most powerful WarnerMedia execs and their top deputies. Here are the leaders who will help HBO Max battle Netflix and define AT&T's TV future.

WarnerMedia's new CEO started Friday, culminating nearly two years of high-profile executive moves spurred by AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner.
BI Prime Enterprise 2020-05-27T17:28:00Z

Sensor startup Density is posting record sales and landing Fortune 500 deals as it shifts to helping companies get staff back to work safely

Density, a people-counting startup, is helping big companies address social distancing in a way that respects privacy.
BI Prime Markets 2020-05-27T17:17:59Z
BI Prime Finance 2020-05-27T16:20:58Z

Peloton rides, beer by mail, and bouncy castles: Lawyers share their secrets to getting and keeping clients during a pandemic

A lawyer's network is a key source of business opportunities, but the traditional ways of bonding outside the office have vanished.
BI Prime Science 2020-05-27T16:05:00Z

Microsoft-backed startup Innovaccer raised $120 million for a new solution to the sluggish way US doctors communicate about patients

As the novel coronavirus floods hospitals with patients, some have been struggling to process their data heaps.
BI Prime Enterprise 2020-05-27T16:00:00Z

The tech pioneer who sold BEA Systems to Oracle for $8.5 billion in a hostile takeover battle just launched a venture fund for startups in the post-COVID-19 world

Former BEA Systems CEO and cofounder Alfred Chuang is back, as cofounder of a new venture capital fund that will back startups in the COVID era.
BI Prime Tech 2020-05-27T15:52:00Z

Pay for top engineers is immune from cuts at startups that fear losing them and would rather slash executive salaries to reduce costs

An analysis of late-stage tech companies from Thomvest Ventures found that many were in favor of slashing executives' salaries to avoid layoffs.
BI Prime BI Prime 2020-05-27T15:39:00Z

There are more than 25 coronavirus vaccines set to be tested in people this year. Here are the 10 leading vaccine candidates, and what to watch for in the rest of 2020.

Research is moving historically fast to produce a coronavirus vaccine. BI identified 28 experimental vaccines expected to start human testing in 2020.
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